Our Points of Difference

Designer Wardrobes has been established since 1989. QBCC Licence No: 15141403

If there is a price difference in our quote compared to other companies you should consider the following:

  • BOARD - We only use high moisture resistant (HMR) Australian-made board in our wardrobes, never standard particle board often referred to as white melamine (see attached brochure). If your quotation does not stipulate HMR, then standard particle board is being used. HMR is far superior to standard particle board, as it is ideal for use in areas of high humidity or areas that could occasionally get damp. It is easily identified by the green dye incorporated into the particles of the board;

    All board used in the construction of our wardrobes is Australian made and, therefore, has the lowest possible formaldehyde rating (E0), unlike cheaper imported board, which has a high rating.
  • EDGE TAPE - We only use Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) edge tape on our boards, not PVC tape. ABS tape is superior in quality and performance, as it has a more attractive, glossier appearance, is more flexible and will not chip. PVC edge tape is more brittle, prone to chipping and yellows in colour over time, which will greatly age the appearance of your wardrobe.
  • DRAWER RUNNERS - All of our drawer hardware is sourced from German suppliers Hettich and Hafale or Austrian supplier Blum because they offer a lifetime warranty on their products. Drawer fronts, backs and bases are all constructed using 16mm HMR board. Because of their superior quality and reliability of operation these manufacturers generally fall into a higher price bracket than lower priced manufacturers such as Harn, Ikea, Repon and Adar etc.
  • MACHINERY & CONSTRUCTION - We utilise the latest CNC technology and software in the design and construction of our wardrobes which is reflected in the final finish of your project. Our CNC machine and edgebander are state of the art technology offering you the most superior finish available. We manufacture in our factory to minimise mess and inconvenience in your home.
  • SERVICE - Detailed 3D rendered, to scale plans by expert designers with over 32 years experience. All installers & factory staff are fully qualified cabinet makers. All insurances, QBCC & cabinet makers' licences are held by the proprietors of the business, not by unrelated third parties. We pride ourselves on offering exceptional service from start to finish.